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    Welding Instruction
    Welding Instruction

    Price: $275.00 / Day


    Welding Instruction covers the Fundamentals of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or Tig Welding). All equipment and materials are supplied in our facility. First we cover the basic fundamentals, Then you will watch a demonstration where I will explain the technique while I am welding, with you looking over my shoulder. A small class environment with no more than 4 students insures that you will get the private attention required to increase your skill at welding. Then we will watch you weld and evaluate your progress, provide critique, and let you apply what you have learned. You are guaranteed 1 hour of personalised welding instruction within the 6 hour session. Welding instruction takes place on Saturday once a month, so please call for details and class scheduling.

    NOTE: Items are not refundable